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PostSubject: Chatbox   Mon Oct 05, 2009 6:58 pm

Okay, I admit we do have a weird chatbox. To join this one, you must put in a username. Here is a short tut on how to regester:

Quote :
1. Log in to the chat. To do this, all you have to really do is put in a random name. (e.g. secret)

2. Register your own nick:
Make sure your nickname is one you want to use while using the chatroom. To change your nick type /nick new-nick. Replace new-nick with the nickname you want to switch to and hit enter.
Note: Your nickname should only consist of English letters, may not include spaces, and should not include punctuation.

3. Copy the following /msg nickserv register password email to the chat client. Replace password with a unique password you can remember, replace email with your email address. Please remember that passwords are case sensitive. Double check your password and email address then hit enter. (When ever you reconnect to the network you will have to Identify yourself to NickServ, to do this you'll type /ns identify password, or log into the chatbox filling out the 'Password*' with the password you have chosen.)

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