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 Blitz's wolf bio.

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Role-play bio

PostSubject: Blitz's wolf bio.   Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:44 pm

Name: Blitz le fang (yes she has a full name. yay)
Age: 12 moons
Species: wolf-dog mix
Breed: grey wolf and German Shepherd mix
Rank: beta female
Blitz is a black grey wolf-dog with gold eyes and black markings she has a blue coler with stars on it.
Personality: Blitz is brave, strong-willed yet shy when it comes to meeting new people. Blitz is very loyal to the people that she cares for but she can be a bit stubborn sometimes. She does have a slight aggressive side to her but only if she is very angry and for a good reason too.

History (optional): Blitz killed her perents by accident. She was forced into a rage beond her control. She was alone for most of her live so she had to mutcher faster than avrage. Her brother Kiru took care of her for some time befor they were caut by potchers and sold to a family illigaly. She managed to escape with only a scratch on her underbelly (from a doberman) and a coler with a radio on it.
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Blitz's wolf bio.

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